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Amherst Veterans Memorial Construction

    The construction of the Veterans Memorial at Amherst State Park is finished except for some finishing touches, which will take place in the Spring.

The pictures taken in November show the final installation of the stones on the Memorial wall and the installation of the bronze service medallions and other finishing touches.

     The pictures taken on October 28 th  show the last of of concrete work for the sidewalks and the some of the pipes for the water feature.

    The pictures taken on October 20 th and 23 rd show the sidewalk  from the Grotto to the Maintenance Road has been poured. The concrete between the seating area and around the Memorial Event area is in place. Work on the water feature is also progressing.

    The pictures taken on October 15 th show that the sidewalk  from the Memorial to the steps is progressing. The stone seats in the seating area are in place and the the  Memorial is ready for the granite name panels.

    The pictures taken on October 1 st show the work on the event area with  the UNI blocks is finished. The stone masons are working on the back side of the Memorial Wall of Honor with the stone .

    The photos taken on September 23 rd and 24 th show that the concrete was poured for the walk way from Mill Street to the Veterans Memorial. Also pictured are workers are putting the UNI blocks  in the event area and the continued progress by the stone masons.

    The photos taken on September 17, 2011 show the continued progress by the stone masons.

   On September 11, 2011 the Flag was flying at the Veterans Memorial. Other Photos taken that day show the progress at the site by the stone masons. The photos of September 7th show the stone masons at work.

    The photos of September 1 st., show that the stone was delivered and the water line to supply water for the Veterans Memorial being put in.

    The photos of August 10 th., show the Veterans Memorial after the forms were removed.

    The pictures taken on August 4 th., show the concrete inside the forms.

    The photos of July 30 th., show forms in place on the foundation awaiting concrete.

    The pictures taken on July 23 rd., show the foundations in place for the front of the memorial and the foundations for seating. Later the same same day the forms for the foundations were delivered to th


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